challenge yourself! 100km marathon across the Blue Mountains

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Can you believe there is a marathon that walks 100km on the Blue Mountain?

It’s really exist!

Let’s find it out together!


The Blue Mountains provide an almost purpose-built trail running nirvana. There’s a variety of trails and terrain across some of the most spectacular natural landscape anywhere in Australia or around the world.

All UTA distances are designed to take in the best of this spectacular location… and whilst all have their challenges, they are achievable enough to give all runners the best chance to cross the finish line.

The first race of the weekend is on Thursday and is the latest addition to the UTA family.

UTA11 was first run in 2019, and is a great introduction for new trail runners. Stunningly beautiful but also just the right mix of fun and run to have you puffing hard, but also smiling all the way to the finish line.

On Friday, UTA22 provides runners a true taste of the longer courses over a distance that is achievable for first timers and fun for all.

The perfect race for runners taking on their first ultra or stepping up from shorter distances, the UTA50 course is challenging but rewarding as it tracks the second half of the UTA100 route through the beautiful Kedumba Valley.

One hundred of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring kilometres that you will ever run.

The UTA100 course takes you along cliff tops, through lush valleys, across scenic ridges … and then up the famous Furber steps (all 951 of them) to the finish line.

Speaking of the Furber Steps – an invitation-only field of 30 crazy courageous athletes takes on every one of them in a mad dash to the top as part of the gut-busting Scenic World UTA951.


How was it? it seems very exciting , isn’t it?

How about challenge yourself in next year?




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